This is a photo demo on how to pot up Plumeria cuttings in 1 gallon pots.

Supplies: Everything is laid out and ready - 1 gallon pots, soil (perlite & soil), Root Tone, water, pea gravel, and cuttings.

Plumeria Cuttings: These cuttings are ready to plant. They have been marked 4" up as a guideline.

Mix Soil: Mix 2/3 perlite with 1/3 soil and pour into 1 gallon pots. You may also use bagged Cactus Mix.

Fill With Soil: Add your prepared soil to a 1 gallon pot to about 1" below the rim. Tamp down.

Root Hormone: Use Root Tone or Schultz Take Root to coat your plumeria cutting ends. This promotes faster rooting.

Wet End With Water: Dip plumeria cutting end into a small amount of water to just dampen end.

Dip Into Root Hormone: Dip the wet end of the plumeria cutting into the Root Tone and coat. Shake off excess.

Plunge Cutting: Plunge plumeria cutting into soil mixture. It should go in very easily since the soil mixture is very light.

Soil Below Mark: Plunge the plumeria cutting into soil to within one inch of your red 4" mark.

Add Gravel: Add about 1" pea gravel or small stones to the top of the pot. This keeps the cutting upright and stable.

Press Down Gravel: Press the pea gravel firmly down so that plumeria cutting is solidly in pot. If potting in summer or late summer
when the sun is very hot, do not put gravel around the base of the cutting. It may burn.
Instead, fill to line with soil and add a wooden stake to stablize the cutting.

Finished Pots: Here are our two demo cuttings planted up and ready for water.

Water Thoroughly: Water your potted plumeria cutting thoroughly. Do not water for at least 3 - 4 weeks.
Place in warm location with bottom heat - like a concrete patio. When you see leaves opening, water again - then water when soil is dry.

Soon the leaves will be opening up and growing well. You may fertilize at this time.

Photos & Demo By - Michele Wilcox 2010


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