Plumeria Cutting Potting Instructions


> your plumeria cutting
> 1 gallon pot
> Cactus Soil - Super Soil Brand in the red bag or mix your own of potting soil and perlite
> Root Tone (purchase at Walmart, garden centers, etc.) (optional)
> stablizing stake or mini-bark chips
> water

Measure and mark the cutting 3 - 4 inches from the bottom.

2. Prepare the soil by mixing 2/3 Perlite to 1/3 Potting soil. You may add more Perlite if you wish for better drainage.

Also recommended is using Cactus Soil. We use "Super Soil" brand in the red bag marked "Cactus & Palm Soil". It has the correct mix of ingredients for rooting Plumeria cuttings.

3.  Fill the 1 gallon pot with the soil mix, leaving 1 inch from the pot rim.

4. Dip the cutting in water, then dip it into the rooting hormone (Root Tone) to coat. Shake off excess.

5. Sink the cutting into the pot until the marked line is even with the pot rim.
Press and firm the mix and add more if needed.

6. Use a wooden stake to support the cutting if needed. Using rocks or gravel may burn your cutting at the soil line.

7. Water it until water drains out the holes. Do
not set in draining dish or let pot sit in water.

8. Place pot in a
warm, sunny location and let it grow. 

9. Do not water for at least 30 days. When new leaves appear, water. Water again when the soil is dry 2" down.

Caution - Over watering at the potting stage will rot your cutting. There are no roots at this time to take up water, so the cutting will rot. For best results, do not water before the period stated above.

Enjoy your new Plumeria!


P.S. Remember always plant your cutting - "smiles up"




Print out for future reference.

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