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Dean Conklin Plumeria Grove
If On Oahu, Hawaii - Go Visit! You'll be so happy you did.
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Subject Description
» Potting Plumeria Cuttings Basic photo demo about potting up plumeria cuttings in 1 gallon pots.
» Plumeria Potting Instructions Sheet Printable potting instructions.
» Michele's Bag Rooting Method Step by step bag rooting method. Printable instructions.
» Water Rooting Article and photos showing how to water root Plumeria cuttings.
» Oshiro Rooting Technique A different approach to rooting Plumerias using side cuts.
» Successfully Rooting Cuttings Article and photos about how to successfully root cuttings by leaving them alone.
» Sowing Plumeria Seeds Instructions on how to sow plumeria seeds using the "paper towel" method.
» Grafting Demo Instructions on how to graft your Plumerias. Video plus photo of successful graft.
» Transporting Plumerias To Arizona Article about bringing Plumeria cuttings back from Hawaii.
» Winterizing Your Plumerias How to prepare your Plumeria plants for the winter.
» Winterizing Using Frost Cloth Tent Winterizing by building a tent using frost cloth - your best winterizing fabric.
» Winter Freezing Tips & Care What to do if your Plumerias are hit will a hard freeze.
» Stem Rot Article and photos discussing Plumeria's persistent problem - stem rot.
» What Is A Crested Plumerias? Article and photos showing the unique crested Plumeria.
» "Plumeria Propagation" By Dr. Richard Criley, UofH (w/p). Excellent information on plumeria propagation methods.
» Plumeria In Hawaii By Dr. Richard Criley, UofH (w/p). A very comprehensive paper on Plumeria that can be printed in booklet form.
» Plumeria Overview By Dr. Richard Criley, UofH (w/p). An extenstion service overview of the Plumeria
» Sixspotted Spider Mite on Plumeria By Dr. Richard Criley, UofH (w/p). Article about the sixspotted spider mite that infests Plumerias.
» Plumeria Rubra: An Old Ornamental, A New Crop By Dr. Richard Criley, UofH (w/p). Paper about Plumerias as crops. Download full text for a small fee at Acta Horticutlurae website.
» Cross Pollination Of Plumerias By Dennis Schmidt. Paper and descriptive photos about how to hand pollinate your plumeria (frangipani) flowers to get seed pods and in turn get new seedling varieties. Dennis is known as The Frangipani Man in Australia. Visit his website: The Frangipani Man.
» Plumerias: Long-day Plants By Michele Wilcox - Article and animation video on how light effects blooming in Plumerias.
» Spring Plumeria Tune-up By Michele Wilcox - Springtime tune-up for your Plumerias. Get them ready to bloom.
» Black Tip Fungus By Michele Wilcox - What Is Black Tip Fungus? Explanation & Cure - Plus Photo.
» Importing Plumeria Seeds By Michele Wilcox - Guide to importing Plumeria seeds.
»Taking Cuttings From Your Plumeria Tree By Michele Wilcox - Take cuttings from your large Plumeria tree and/or reducing the size of a large tree.


This white/yellow (variety unknown) Plumeria is growing in the deserts of Scottsdale, Arizona at 2300 foot elevation. The tree is approximately 10 years old and is planted in the ground with an Eastern exposure and is approximately seven (7) feet tall. Its leaves are in full sun all day until 5:00 PM. Its trunk is shaded by the wall from afternoon sun. It receives drip irrigation.

The photo on the left shows the Plumeria blooming with Saguaro Cactus and Ocotillo Cactus in the background.
The photo on the right shows the full tree as it is planted in the landscape.

Plumeria owned by Michele Wilcox


Plumeria Are Native To Mexico & Caribbean

Native locations (where you find Plumeria growing naturally) of Plumeria are:

  • P. obtusa - Cuba and the island of Hispaniola (occupied by the countries of the Dominican Republic and Haiti)
  • P. alba - Puerto RicoList item 2
  • P. rubra - Panama up Mexico’s eastern coast to the Yucatan Peninsula. Most common species

Here are some interesting photos taken by Mark Olson who is doing research in Mexico on the Dry Tropics.
Please visit his webpage - it's facinating - Images Of Dry Tropical Habitat: Mexico .

Cactus & Plumeria

The image above is the Tehuacan-Cuicatlan Valley in southern Puebla in the wet season. The Frangipani plant in the genus Plumeria of the Oleander Family (Apocynaceae) is often associated with Hawaiian floral necklaces. However, Plumeria is native to Mexican and Central America dry forests. A Plumeria plant can be seen in this photo from northern Oaxaca just to the right of center in front of the stems of the cactus Cephalocereus columna-trajani.

Plumeria & Limestone

The image above is of a healthy, robust plumeria growing in a wonderful
dissected limestone landscape in the dry tropics of Mexico.

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Websites and Plumeria Clubs that are very educational, interesting, and fun.
We're sure you will find all the links very helpful in growing plumerias.

  • Plumeria Society Of America - The national club responsible for registering and keeping track of all Plumeria varieties.
    They have Plumeria Sales twice a year.

  • Southern California Plumeria Society - This is a San Diego, California based plumeria organization. They have Plumeria Sales twice a year.

  • South Coast Plumeria Society - This is a Huntington Beach, California based plumeria organization. They have an annual Plumeria Show.

  • Dean Conklin Plumeria Grove - Great plumeria identifying site with photos and great links. Well worth the visit if you are on Oahu, Hawaii.

  • Arizona Chapter - California Rare Fruit Growers - If you want to venture into some exotic tropical fruits trees, check them out.

    More to come . . .


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